Nations of Plageria

Nations of the World


Ambrien Sometimes referred to as the old world Ambrien is one of the major continents.

Norroth- Contains many oriental and some traditional cultures

Drathamore- Dark Elf nation has established on this subcontinent that juts down into the _______ Ocean like a great sickle. It is connected to the Frozen White in its northern regions.

Eriador- High Elf Nation built on island created by the dormant remains of Mount Fury. Mount Fury’s eruption started the Great Sundering. This ringed nation boasts elaborate structures, high magics, and considerable protection from the outside world.

The Frozen White- A barren and inhospitable ice covered region at the top of the world. Very few creature not specifically adapted to the cold make their homes there.

Lustria- Lush tropical continent that has not been explored much by mortal kingdoms. Many colonies dot the nearby Island of Koynin, which is used as a staging point by many nations that are trying to gain the upper hand in this new land. So far, the indigenous Saurus people have been able to repel all attempts at colonizing the main land, though many expeditions have gone into the dark jungles and returned with a multitude of gold and treasures.


Countries of Norrath

Latonia- Very large human nation, has an expansionist personality, (roman theme)
Huskarl- A Hun themed nation
Ogre Lands?
Hadrid Platue- Nation of the Chaos Dwarves.
Oriental themed nations?


Corsica- Island nation, master sailors and shipbuilders, have an alliance with Westmarch.

Isle of Channon- island in the middle of the Great Sea that is home to a large number of seas elves and other ocean faring people.

Nekross- Undead kingdom that actually plays nice with it neighbors. People live failry normal life except all dead are taken by the state (to be put in the undead armies). Gouldoth half-dead is the King.
Great Arcan- Magic, peaceful nation, where order and justice is important. (themed like First Night movie), ruler is Queen Emilia Night haven a wise and fair wizard. Prospurose nation. Close tie to Djinn
Paladrea- Human nation, purple, like a more wealthy brettonia. Ties to kyrie?
Arnorian- Elven wood elf nation ruled by Erutan Revol. Seeks to destory most civilized nations and return the world to Elhonna and Obadi Ghul.
Korresan- Undead kingdom between the Bone Wastes and World Spine Mountains. Lead by the Baron Von Tarkin, a lich set on converting the splendorous kingdoms of the living into his subjugated armies of the dead

Nations of Plageria

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