Religion in Plageria represent your attachment to your god. It shows how devoted you are to their cause and let you reap the rewards the divine so generously bestow. The two major components of religion are Piety and Indulgences.


Piety represents your overall strength of faith. It is proven through how you live and act in your daily life. It is a measure of your faith overtime. If you follow your gods teachings you will rise in your Piety and reap the benefits your deity grants to those of adamant faith. If you stray from the path your god would have you lead, you will find your rewards diminished.

When you create your character choose a god and gain +1 Piety to that god. If you are a religious class you gain +2. If you wish to worship more than one god that is fine, but you only get the bonus to your main god. Religious characters can split their bonus for a +1 to two different gods if they so choose. You Piety modifier affects your Diety’s Boon Move and the amount of Indulgences you receive.

When you reach the end of a session, choose one of your gods that you feel you served and tell the GM why. if he agrees you lived within that gods tenants then your Piety remains where it is. If you ignored your god or failed to live up to the gods standards then your Piety is decreased by 1. If you preformed some exceptional act that serves the agenda of your god then your Piety will increase by one. Some examples include:

  • Killing a powerful warrior who was a followers of an enemy god.
  • Defeating a truly terrible foe in your gods name.
  • Sacrificing yourself as your god would wish
  • Building a large temple or monument to your god.
  • Years of unwavering faith and devotion


Indulgences represent your gods little gifts to you on a daily basis. They are much more fluid and can be earned and spent quickly. Preforming simple acts such as praying or sacrificing to your god will earn you indulgenceis which can then be spent on Boons from yrou god. The folwoing lists show some ways Indugencies csn be earned ans spent. Feel free to make up your own and present them to the GM.

Earning Indulgences

  • Spend a least a few hours mediating or praying to your god 1 Indulgence
  • A small sacrifice to your god 3 Indulgence
  • A large sacrifice to your god 5 Indulgence


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