Countries of Ambrien


The Great Human Empire of Sigmar- Often called simply " The Empire " it is one of the strongest and largest human nations.

Black Relam- Former part of the Kingdom of Bretonnia. Queen Terecca was corrupted by dark magic from Tolakine. Undead and darkness now cover the land. Tyrannical rule is enforced by terrifying death knights. Darkshire is the largest city, ruins of Parravon still used as palace for death lords and queen. Provinces are ruled by hideous elector counts.

Brettonia- Brettonia is a proud nation famous for it knights, chivalry, and hardy folk.

Araby- Midval Turkish / Arabic theme, recently at war with Brettonia Karnac- Egypt themed desert land, ruled by a human tyrant king, a diverse and dangerous nation, lots of effreet influence

Thule- Dragonborn jungle nation, been fighting a hundred yeas war with Khazran

The Beast Nation of Khazran- made up of Minotours and Khazra (goatmen) also a jungle/tropical climate

Westmarch- Famous for its holy order of paladins and hearty people. Temperate climate, have and alliance with Corsica.

Tillia- Estarada- Estillia- Zandar Colonies? The Savage Baronies- (Spanish themed) group of nations that border Westmarch and Karnac desert, the land here has a strange taint called the red curse which can cause mutations. The River Kingdoms- a loose group of kingdoms south west of Brevoy

Brevoy- A hearty, but divided nation West of Iobaria.

Iobaria- A centaur controlled nation north of Galt and Westmarch, infamous for deadly plagues Mendev-

Tolakien- A nation of monster races, mostly orcs, lead by the human who calls himself Lord Drake. Also infamous for its deadly Chaos Warriors.

Numeria- A barbaric nation southeast of the Empire and west of Brevoy Land of the Dead / Bone Wastes- Vast desert with lumbering undead armies and ancient forgotten necropolises. The armies that sometimes rise from the sands to do battle wherever they can find it.




Norsica- Norse themed land north of The Empire, very cold, recently occupied by The Empire

Border Princes- (Greek themed city states) Several nations that border the Twin vales and Sea of Araby. Sparta, Arcadia, Kyhpris, Alexandretta, Tarn, and others

Calishan- Serengeti plain type climate, infamous because it is ruled by a council of tyrannical wizards. Mostly rural, but high magic allows for many wonders and comforts other nations do not have.

Maureinburg- Giant City, trade center of the world

Lorien- The main wood elf nation that is nestled within Brettonia’s borders. The entire nation is within the Lorien Forest.

Hule- A chaotic nation bordering the Savage Baronies

Barbarians hordes of the Yuzak Stepps- south of Hule West of Savage Baronies


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