Artanis is the god acceptance, tolerance, self reliance, and community.  He teaches that people of the world should relate to on another and accept each other.  He believes war comes from misunderstanding just as much as it does outright evil and that is unacceptable.  He says peoples should come together and help each other survive in this dangerous world.


Symbol: Star of Artanis

Favored Weapon: Charkram

Boon Move: Fair Reputation  Say a quick prayer and gain + Piety forward on your next parlay attempt.


Followers of Artanis can be found everywhere.  Anywhere there is inequality people will look to him for help.  As a result worship of Artanis is often strictly controlled in nations who run on polices of inequality and democracy as the church of Artanis often become an organizational point for protests and rebellions.  Of course this type of fighting is exactly what Artanis says we should avoid, but this is often lost in the heat of the conflict.


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