Harvesting is a new skill that allows you to take pieces of fallen enemies such as antlers, pelts, eyeballs, teeth or even more exotic bits. These may be kept as trophies, sold to interested merchants, or even crafted into more exotic paraphernalia.


(Wis: Trained Only)
You are skilled at salvaging material and trophies from fallen foes.

Check: To make a harvest check on a dead creature you must have complete access to it and possess at least 1 rank in the appropriate Knowledge Skill for the creatures type (see list below). A creature must have a physical form to be harvested, incorporeal beings cannot be harvested. As creatures decay it becomes harder to harvest worthwhile materials, so the DC increases by 5 for every 12 hours a creature has been dead. To determine your full harvest modifier add the following:
(level of the creature+ the size modifier below + type modifier below + ranks in harvest)
Make a DC15 harvest check with your total modifier. If the check is successful, multiply the total of your check by level of the harvested creature. You have harvested materials worth that amount of gold pieces. If your check fails you are not able to harvest any valuable materials. What parts of the creature are harvested is decided by the player so long as he gets the GM’s approval.

Harvested parts may be kept as is, sold to an appropriate vendor, or used as materials in crafting.

  • When kept as they are, harvested parts may be art items within themselves, such as simply keeping a animals head for display. Harvested parts can also be substituted for other items, per the GM’s approval, such as allowing a player to collect viles of blood from a hellhound (creating alchemists fire) or using the glowing horn of a unicorn as an ever-burning torch. Such substitutions can be made so long as the cost of the item being emulated is equal to or less than the harvested part.
  • When hoping to sell harvested materials PCs should keep in mind that not every shop manager is looking to buy a gryphons talon or naga hide so more exotic materials may have to transported to major cities before a buyer can be found.
  • When used as crafting materials, harvested materials function exactly as normal materials do and may be crafted into items worth 3 times their base price.

Required Creature Knowledge Skill for creature type

Arcana- Constructs, Dragons, Magical Beasts
Dungeoneering- Aberrations, Oozes
Nature- Animal, Fey, Humanoid, Monstrous Humanoid, Plant, Vermin
Planes- Outsiders
Religion- Undead, Religous based outsiders

Type Modifiers
Humanoid -10
Construct, Undead -5
Vermin, Ooze, Plant -2
Monstrous Humanoid +0
Animal, Aberration, Fey +2
Magical Beast, Outsider +4
Dragons +5

Size Modifiers
Tiny -5
Small -5
Medium 0
Large +1
Huge +2
Gargantuan +5
Colossal +10

Action: Harvesting a medium creature requires 20 minutes of uninterrupted work. Add an additional 30 minutes for each size category larger or smaller than medium.

Try Again: No, once the check is made no further materials that are worthwhile can be harvested.

Special: You recieve a +1 bonus on your harvest check for every 5 ranks you have in the corresponding Knowledge Skill for the creature type being harvested

Restriction: No class or race is restricted from taking the skill, however no class is trained in the skill either.

Untrained: No, you can not make an untrained harvest check.


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