The Origins are known as the High Gods or Creators. Little is known of them or their deeds. It is said that in the First Age they fought a war for the existence of reality itself and claimed the universe as spoils after defeating a group of beings that are refereed to only as the Old Ones or Old Gods. Even less is known of these entities and almost all knowledge of the First Age has been lost to time. The Origins are said to have created the Absolutes and ushered in the Second Age which lasted a million millennia. The Origins themselves seem to have vanished early in the Second Age and are no longer worshiped. Indeed even their names have been forgotten by the mortal races. The trinity and number three are often associated with Origins lore. It is not known if they are three separate beings or three accepts of one powerful entity.

The Absolutes

The Absolutes are a group nine gods that each represent and govern over a fundamental aspect of material existence. They are counted as the most powerful gods that directly influence mortal existence. There were once 10 Absolutes, but Tharizdun and his lieutenant Orcus slew Honorius, the god of Morality. This caused the Great Cataclysm as the Absolute of good and evil was removed from the world. This is also marked as the ending of the second age of the world and the beginning of the third.

Genosa (LG): Is the goddess of Creation.

Boccob (LN): Is the god of Magic.

Ehlonna (CN): Is the goddess of nature.

The Raven Queen (LE): Is the goddess of death.

Melora (CG): Is the goddess of life.

Pelor (NG): Is the god of light.

Nerull (NE): Is the god of darkness.

Chronos (TN): Is the god of time.

Tharizdun (CE): (imprisoned): Is the god of destruction.

Honorius (deceased): Was the god of Morality, honor and dishonor, good and evil, right and wrong. In the Second Age, Honorius judged every creature that was created at its birth and deemed it to be either good or evil. It carried this attitude throughout its existence without choice or question.

The Elementals

The elemental gods were locked in the elemental planes after the Origins created the world. They do not usually seek worshipers as they cannot greatly influence the world, but they do occasionally grant divine powers to particularly devout and proven individuals. None of them have organized churches except the mysterious Monks of the Elemental Fist.

Pyron (CN) or (CE): Fire

Hydrax (LN): Water

Magna Matter (TN): Earth

Aries (CN): Air

The Aspects

The Aspects were mostly created by the Absolutes to help govern over the world in the 3rd age, though some seem to have already existed or were created by unknown means. The varying degrees of good and evil, law and chaos held by the Absolutes lead to an agreement that no Aspect would be beholden or controlled by the higher gods. Some Aspects have made allegiances with some of the Absolutes, but none are bound in service to them.

Ioun (TN): Knowledge, mental prowess, prophecy

Kord (CN): Strength, competition, brawling, athletics

Abadar (LN): Civilization, Order, Law

Obadi-Ghul (CN): Nature, Animals, Plants, wilderness

Bane (CE): Wrath, Bloodlust, Slaughter, Marauding

Heironus LG): Justice, daring, chivalry, valor, honor

Hextor (LE): Tyranny, Conquest, Domination

Vydar (LN): War, law, battle, weapon play

Avandra (CG): Change, freedom, adventure, bravery, frontier

Fharlan (TN): Travel, trade, roads, freedom

Tymanda (NG): Children, fertility, youth, love, compassion, harvest, sorrow, loss

Bastion (TN): Protection, security, defense, safety

Vortain (NG): Farming, Hunting, Family, woods, fishing

Shelyn (NG): Love, healing, romance, pleasure, beauty

Mephisto (CE): Sin, Revenge, Malice, Hate

Torog (CE): Pain, prison, torture, deepness, the Underdark, contempt

The Ascended

The Ascended are beings who did not start out as gods, but have achieved great power through the worship of other mortals. Some had humble beginings as mortals themselves and some were beings of considerable power who managed to gather worshipers. Either way, they are now counted as entities of extreme power and so have garned the prayers from mortals that elevate one to a higher level.

Vecna (NE): Secrets, Necromancy

Artanis (CG): Acceptance, tolerance, freedom, flexibility, democracy, self reliance

Sigmar (LG): Honor, Strength, Might, Unity

Sir Hissren (LG): Community, Glory, Liberation, Protection, Strength

Orcus (CE): Undeath, Night, Destruction, Killing

Tiamut (LE): Wealth, Greed, Envy, Evil Dragons

Zehir (NE): Poison, Assassins, Snakes, Night

Wee Jas (TN): Winter, aging, vanity, cold

Broon Bronzebottom (CG): Drinking, revelry, pranks, epic tales, ale, whores, friendship

Thellik (CG): Music, shadow, theft, love, theater, dance, illusion, peace

Asmodeus (LE): Tyranny, sin , oppression, slavery, trickery

Mouab (CE): Retribution, punishment, revenge,

Cyric (LN): Judgment, atonement, penalty, forgiveness, punishment, penance

The Patrons

The Patrons are a combination of ascended beings and gods set down by the Absolutes. Their main goal is to guide their corresponding race, for good or evil, and help them to survive in the harsh world of Plageria. Patrons are not always worshiped by a race in question, but often identify with a standard member of that race. of course every mortal being is free to choose whom he worships. Some creatures of other races even worship Patrons not of their race, if they find their ideals and motivations to their liking.

Corellion (LG): Eladrin

Moradin (LG): Dwarves

Sekmet (LN): Sekmari

Hashut (NE): Sherngar

Sargas (LE): Minotaurs and Khazra

Lolth (LE): Drow

Kurtulmak (CN): Kobolds and Lizard Folk

Artanis (CG): Half-Elves

Grummish (NE): Orcs

Yondalla (CG): Halflings

Asmodeus (LE): Tieflings

Bahamut (LG): Dragonborn, Law, Justice, Sacrifice, Protection

Calistria (LE): Feladrin

Garl GlitterGold (CG): Sundered into 5 lesser gods by Hashut *

  • Gaedral (LG): Freedom, truth, comradely, loyalty, support, protection, vigilance
  •  The Maker (TN): Smithing, mining, inventions, forges, guns, non magical explosives, metal works, gem cutting
  • The Trickster (Baravar?) (thought to be CN): Chaos, luck, trickery, lies, illusion, deception, humor
  • The Forlorn (TN): Despair, hopelessness, cynicism, pessimism, suicide, entropy
  • Gelf (CE): Revenge, blood, greed, shadow, assassination, chaos, disaster


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