Boccob is the god of Magic and Arcane Knowledge. He is known as the Uncaring, the Lord of All Magic, and the Archmage of the Deities. Its said he knows every spell ever created and can travel to any and dimension. He is the possessor of the only magical library that contains a copy of every potion, spell, and magic item in existence. He rarely has any desire to interfere with events in Plageria.


Symbol: The Eye in the Staff

Favored Weapon: Magic Staff

Boon Move: The power of Magic- Its times of need you may pray to Baccob for increased magic power and roll with + Faith. On a 10+ you hold 1 and may spend the hold the enhance the next magic spell in some way. It will cause extra damage, last twice as long, etc. On a 7-9 Baccob doesn’t really care and nothing happens.


Due to Baccobs aloofness there are no major churches or orders that worship him. There are sometimes random wizards or small orders that pay him homage. If any of them are able to catch Baccobs attention their rewards can be great indeed.


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