Broon Bronzebottom


Broon is the god of making merry with friends. He is known as the Drunken Hero. He is legendary for the parties he throws and the amount of alcohol he consumes. It’s said his tales are long and entertaining and he always leaves the ladies exhausted and satisfied. He tries to get along with the other gods, but quickly grows tired of their strict rules and philosophies. Broon teaches that generally people should be free to decide their own fate and have some fun while doing it.


Symbol: Ale Mug

Favored Weapon: Ale Mug

*Boon Move: *


The faithful of Broon hold their patron’s two loves, freindship and drink, as the pillars of his church. Free to seek their own means of venerating the Drunken Hero, it’s not uncommon for followers to take part in events involving one or both of these. The creation and drinking of spirits is often considered a noble and holy, though not formal, pastime. Likewise, the act of fighting for freedom, both that of others and of oneself, is highly respected and honored. Treachery and betrayal amongst allies are viewed as some of the worst sins one can make. Members of the church can be found anywhere in Plageria, but worship of Broon thrives in the more backwater and chaotic nations such as, Ustalev, Galt, the River Kingdoms, Thule, and Norsica.

Broon Bronzebottom

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