Chronos is the god of time. He is considered aloof and unapproachable by the majority of gods. The one exception is Wee Jas. She formed a deep bond with Chronos and eventually became his wife. Chronos is the only god who did not come to Pelor’s aid for the battle against Tharizdun. He merely responded to Pelor saying “Time brings all things to pass. I can no sooner help, then I would stop you.”


Symbol: Hourglass in a Globe

Favored Weapon: Hand Sickle

Boon Move: Infinite Insight- When you have several hours to mediate without distraction you can pray and attempt to peer into the untempered schism, make a Discern Realities move and roll + Faith. You can observe any person or situation from any point in time, even those that have not yet happened. On a miss the time vortex overwhelms you causing you hear to hear 4 beats over again and again in your mind. You and suffer a debility to intelligence and wisdom until you take a days rest. The answers given by the GM will be truthful, but may be vague and mysterious as they pertain to events that have not yet occurred!


Chronos does not usually seek worshipers, but he is considered the god of the seasons and so worshiped at time like spring to symbolize the ending of winter and at fall for providing a bountiful crop. Chronus has been known to commission loyal followers to hunt down and destroy those who try to interfere with the delicate fabric of time. These chosen few are often granted incredible powers that allow them to manipulate time itself, but always with an extremely strict set of rules set down by Chronus. Chronus has never been know to take form in the mortal world, and their is wide debate, ever among his few follower, as to whether this is by his own choice or some universal law of reality.


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