“If ye want your goods there fast, hire a Corsair. If you want it there safe hire the local fleet. If you want it there fast and safe hire the sea elves, but ye better have some coin!” – an old sailor


The Elves living around the coasts of the Plageria have a tradition of seamanship and fighting, and lack the normal Elven disdain of physical labor. Because of this, the High Elves look down on them, thinking them rough and uncouth. They are brave warriors and tireless guardians of the seaways, and it is thanks to them that the sea routes between the Plageira’s many continents remain open. Sea Elves are quite venturesome, and can often be found as merchants and traders in ports. Most of them speak common and Elvish, and many have a smattering of various other languages they encounter on their exotic journeys. Most Elven trading posts in Avalon and Ambrien are run by Sea Elves.


Elari ships are the weatherly, stiff, and fast… very fast. The speed at which the Elari ships cross the vast oceans and seas of Plageria is remarkable. They can cut days, sometimes weeks, off long seaward crossings. Their reputation for safely delivering cargo to its destination is also legendary. Many captains will insure a cargo promising to pay for the lose if the cargo dos not make it to its destination. These kind of guarantees allow many Elari captains to charge rates much higher than other captains, but still find steady work and contracts.


Elari settlements have their own governments and enforce them with their own guard. They are ruled by noble houses usually refereed to as Clans. The affairs of the settlement are guided by a council of Clan Lords who elect a high-lord known as a Visarch. The Visarches in turn swear allegiance to the Exarch who sits on the Salt Thrown in the city of Kul Dairus in the Turbulent Isles. Clans are generally free to order their own affairs and individual elves answer to their clan leader. Once a year on the spring equinox the council of Arches is held. At this council any elf is allowed to speak freely and elves can apply for adoption to a new clan if they feel mistreated by their own. I addition a Visarch that will govern for the next year is elected by the clan lords. If the Exarch has died or stepped down a new one will also be chosen in Kul Dairus leading to a huge influx of elves as Visarches from around the world come to make their cases for the thrown.

The turbulent Isles are located south of the continent of Ambrien. They are treacherous to navigate because of the extreme currents in the region. The currents are caused not only by the flowing of the waters from the Captured Ocean into the Great Ocean, but also the aberration known as Karibdus, a great churning whirlpool known the drag ship into its depths. The Elari have used this to their advantage making their island cities virtually unreachable by foreign fleets or pirates.

The Elari worship a wide range of gods. Corellion, Shelyn, Hieronus are quite popular, but no one god stands out in their society. It is common to find shrines and statues to almost all of the non evil gods in a major settlement. One trait the majority of Elari do share is a sense of honor and fairness, both in their daily life and in their business dealings. There are very few Elari smugglers or pirates as they generally look on these practices with disgust. More than one underhanded trader has found himself at the end of a noose for trying to hire an Elari captain.




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