Genosa is the God of creation. All things spring from her. She has close ties to Melora as life is the most important part of creation for the mortal races. She is the widow of Honorius and mother of Heironus, Hexter, Vydar, and Tymanda.


Symbol: The Weeping Eye

Favored Weapon: None, weapons are made to destroy.

Boon Move: The power to create- When you have several minutes that are free of distraction you may pray and roll + Faith. On a 10+ you are able to create in your hands an object that you need. On a 7-9 you can create the object but it wont last long before melting away. On a miss the object is misshapen and not useful or vanishes quickly.


Followers of Genosa are builders and healers. They search to make the world a safer more secure place. They delight in art and new creations and are ever searching to broaden their horizons.


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