Plane: Plane of Water

Symbol: The Wave

Favored Weapon: Water

Boon Move: All around us- You pray and roll +Int, Con, Wis, or Cha. On a 10 +, you hold 3. On a 7-9 you hold 2. On a miss you are soaking wet. Spend the hold and choose from the list below:

  • You create a veil of mist they obscure vision in the area
  • You touch a small container of water giving the power to rejuvenate and restore 1 hp when drank
  • You or an ally can breathe underwater for an extended period of time
  • You can walk on water as if it were a normal surface, falling through only if you want to
  • You may touch a creature to causing it to dehydrate with water pouring from its pores and orifices, roll 1d6 damage.


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