Melora is the goddess of life, healing, and peace. She is caring an wishes for all the things of the world to live in harmony and as long as possible. She has ties with Genosa and Tymanda.


Symbol: Anhk

Favored Weapon: Pillow

Boon Move: Restoration of life- When a creature has been injured you may touch it, say a prayer and roll + Faith. On a 10+ choose 1 from the list below. On a 7-9 the creature is healed 1d6 hit points. This prayer can only be said on an individual creature once a day.

  • The creature is healed to full hit points
  • The creature removes all debilities
  • The creature suffers 1d10+ Faith damage is it is of the undead type


The followers of Melora revere life above all else. They are protects and healers. Many local hospitals and apothecaries are run by followers of Melora who are trying to help the common people.


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