Nerull is the god of darkness. He is known as the Foe of All Good, the Hater of Life, and the Bringer of Darkness. He has tenuous alliances with Orcus and Hextor. He is the enemy of Pelor, though he did aid the other gods in sealing Thariduzn beyond the Oblivion Gate, he refused to take orders from Pelor in any way. Though he delights in death and murder in the dark, he is on neither good nor bad terms with the Raven Queen.


Symbol: Glowing Eyes in the Darkness

Favored Weapon: Stiletto

Boon Move: Eyes always watching- When you spend a few hours in the dark with out distraction you may make a Discern Realities move and roll + Faith. You do not have to closely observe the person or situation unless is has never been in the dark. On a success you can see in the dark until the next dawn. On a 10+ you can ask any one question you like, even one not on the list. On a 7-9 you can ask 2 questions instead of 1. On a miss you are blinded until the next dusk.


Nerull is the patron deity of those who seek the greatest evil for their own enjoyment or gain. Most common folk do not worship or propitiate him, although they fear him greatly. It is believed that any form of appeasement will merely draw his attention, something that is at all costs to be avoided by the sensible. Nerull’s clerics are feared throughout the lands as, stealthy, cold, and calculating murderers. They are secretive and often solitary. When not in disguise, they dress the blackest hued clothes they can find. Assassins often pray to Nerull for a successful kill. Nerull’s temples are hidden and usually subterranean except in the most evil lands, as befits the god of darkness. Services to Nerull are ghastly things performed in absolute blackness, featuring litanies of fear and suffering. Murder i the dark is done as an homage.


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