Pelor is the god of light and the sun. His follows believe that the life-giving sun is the best cure for all of ills. He teaches justice and freedom are brought about through charity, modesty, and perseverance. Pelor is wrathful against the forces of evil, corruption, and darkness, and is especially opposed to the undead. He lead the host of gods that imprisoned Tharizdun beyond the Oblivion Gate. He is enemies with Nerull and Tharizdun.


Symbol: Face on a Sun

Favored Weapon: Morningstar

Boon Move: Inner Light- In a time of need you may pray and roll + Faith. On a success you generate light till the next sunrise. On a 10+ choose 2 below. On a 7-9 choose 1.

  • You can be as bright or dim as you choose.
  • If you are in darkness and an ally can see you they take +1 ongoing.
  • Undead shy away from you and vampires are scorched by you.
  • Hold 1. Spend the hold unleash a blind flash of light. Any creature that was looking at you is temporarily blinded. You no longer generate light.


Pelorian dogma has it that the energy and power of life originates in the sun. Pelor’s priests teach that the truly strong don’t need to prove their power. They strive to perform so many good acts that evil has no room in which to exist, though they will fight if necessary. Pelor strength is a spiritual strength, opposed to physical strength like Kord. His strength is the power of will and hope, the need to face evil in the face of insurmountable odds. However, Pelor urges his followers to remember that excessive attention to things of evil can blind one to the truly important things: compassion and goodness.

There are two major orders devoted to Pelor. The Hand of Pelor in Westmarch and The Faithful of Pelor in Thule. Both are strong in their conviction and stout in heart.


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