Tharizdun is the god of destruction. It’s said his ultimate goal is to unmake reality and end all existence. He crafted the abyss and populated it with the twisted souls of evil beings, now called demons. Using his chief warrior Orcus, who has himself ascended to godhood, Tharizdun slew the Absolute of Morality, Honorius, and caused the Sundering that shook the very foundations of the mortal world. As a result, the rest of Plageria’s god banded together against him and imprisoned him beyond the Oblivion Gate for numerous atrocities. Mephisto ascended to his thrown when he was banished, but does hold the power of an Absolute.

Plane: The Abyss

Symbol: Spiral

Favored Weapon: The Spiral of Decay- Little is known about this ancient weapon. The followers of Tharizdun have been unable to find one sense his imprisonment beyond the gate.

Boon Move: Communion with Destruction- You try to contact the Tharizdun in his dark imprisonment. When you have a long period of time that is free of distraction you may mediate and roll + Faith. On a 10+ you make contact and Tharizdun tells you what you can do to expedite his release and pick two from the list below. On a 7-9 he grants you a gift, but you fail to hear his message, choose 1 from the list . On a miss you on contact his destructive energy and suffer 1d10 damage. The meditation is physically and mentally draining, you suffer a debility to Str and Int until you can take a good rest.

  • You are imbued with destructive force, hold 1. Spend the hold to deal 1d8 damage to anything you touch.
  • You do not suffer a debility to Str.
  • You do not suffer a debility to Int.
  • You may hold 1 and spend it on your next meditation roll.


There is no organized worship of Tharizdun. His followers are universally hated and must keep their allegiances secret. Cults to Tharizdun are liable to appear there is madness and destruction in the world. Those who are drawn to his will have usually suffered a great lose or despair. They seek to make others feel the pain they have endured or simply want to end the world so the pain will go away. Many have gone mad in some way or another. There are a few who misguiding think there is some power for them in the destructive force, but in the end it can only lead to their destruction.


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